Highland and Associates Executive Recruitment has experience across a broad range of specialized services and businesses in the corporate world. We understand the unique challenges and functional specialties which exist in each. We know that the application of expertise varies widely, and appreciate the differences.
With more than fifteen years of experience serving firms at all levels of corporate structure, we help companies fill positions from associate through senior managing director, identifying those whose skills and temperament fit a specific environment.

Corporate Executive Recruitment:

In any corporate structure we can target and identify the right candidates for the position thru our years of recruiting experience and excellent resources.

Director and Senior Level Recruitment:

For Director and Senior level positions, where a company needs leadership, we work closely with top management to identify the characteristics that spell success for their particular company. We match senior executives to demanding positions including but not limited to Chief Financial Officer, Controller, Vice President and President levels.

Managers and Staffing Recruitment:
We also understand the importance of talented staff support, and can identify managers and supporting professionals whose skills and experience create a reservoir of talent for the company.

Legal Services Recruitment:

For Legal Services, we recruit attorneys and paralegals to meet the challenges of assignments given any field of practice.

Non-Profit and Educational Recruitment:

Non-Profit and Educational companies turn to us to help identify candidates for demanding managing director positions.

In all of these instances, our years of real-world experience, along with established relationships, enable us to deliver candidates across a broad spectrum of industries and markets.