In 1996, Maryjo Highland established Highland and Associates Executive Recruitment. As a top sales and marketing professional for IBM and CB Commercial Real Estate she is well equipped to help companies identify and attract the best talent for their director and senior level positions.

Highland and Associates believe that leaders and managers at various levels should interview each potential new hire. This helps to ensure compatibility from day one of their employment, and increases the likelihood that the individual will be able to perform in more than one area of a firm's operations.

The more comprehensively staffing needs are planned, the greater the productivity of each new hire will be. The firm will benefit and enjoy the bottom line improvement achieved through reduced turnover expenses. 

From the moment we receive a search assignment, Highland and Associates works to get an in-depth view of their client’s organization and competitive environment. We have developed a proprietary four-step process designed to make each search effective and efficient.

Step 1: Understanding the Client

First, we meet with you and your team to get a clear picture of the organization, and environment, and the role of the new hire. We may suggest one or all of the following options:

  • Tour the office and any other important locations if possible.
  • Review and audit any existing position description.
  • Review company plans regarding compensation, incentives, and benefits, and see compare to chief competitors. 
  • Identify the most suitable candidates.

Step 2: Conducting the Search

Utilizing proprietary databases and our own network of contacts to surface potential candidates and referral sources, we:

  • Conduct database analyses of candidates.
  • Identify people not in our database, who could be either potential candidates or sources.
  • Conduct preliminary telephone interviews of qualified candidates, to make sure the person meets our criteria.
  • Hold in depth interviews with viable pre-qualified candidates. 

Step 3: Proposing the Candidates

Before suggesting potential candidates for a position, we:

  • Select top candidates -- normally between four and six individuals—for interviews
  • Continue searching for other, qualified candidates to compare with top candidates. If appropriate, add or subtract.
  • A very important part of this process is your feedback for each candidate.


Step 4: Closing the Deal

Before the search can be considered successful, we:

  • Conduct second round of interviews with top candidates.
  • Develop an offer to the candidate selected. Check references.
  • Finalize offer.

While each the time for each search varies based upon its complexity and market conditions, most searches can be completed within 90 days.

  Once the candidate has accepted the offer, we continue to work with them through their resignation and transition into their new position.